Seeking out and promoting new artists
We’re the leading supplier of original art to UK galleries, home to forty plus artists, include Rozanne Bell (the UK’s top seller of original art), Ruby Keller, Allan Morgan, David Renshaw, Chris Chapman and many more.

We have started on the road to fame other artists include Kerry Darlington, Rob Hefferan, Barry Hilton, Bob Barker and Steven Townsend. Our quality and presentation is second to none.

A large selection of our mouldings are designed by Image Design making them exclusive to us, manufactured in Spain by Enrique Lopez, Europe’s leading picture frame manufacturer.
David Renshaw
Rozanne Bell
Allan Morgan
Veronika Benoni
Simon Wright
Brenda Herd
Hamish Herd
Bethlyn Herd
Chris Chapman
Anne Blundell
Ruby Keller
AJ Callan
Paola Cassais
Joe Bowen
Siobhan McEvoy
Enric Pont Ases
David James
Terence Grundy
Steven McLoughlin
Gary McNamara
Gary Sams
John Russell
Alfredo Navarro
David Smith
David Warilow
Ric Duffield
Mr Malcontent
Lyndsey Selley
Peter Worswick
Josie Lee
Jennifer Elson
Maria Cortes
Paul Heeley
Angela Holland
Andrea Mosey
Steve Rostron
Tom Shore
Steven Simpson
Ben Wainwright
Emma Nicolson
Michael Howley
Jill Aspin
Neil Pengelly
New artists submissions
Interested in working with Image Design?

We act as an intermediary between artists and galleries allowing our artists work to be promoted and distributed throughout the UK.

Click here to send some examples of your work or contact us by phone: 01423 873 552
Representation and distribution
Image Design does not retail art, we represent the artists and distribute their work to galleries.

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Call 01423 873 552